Negra Bernhard, maiden name Dragoljić, born 1986 in Banja Luka, Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina, lives and works in Vienna, Austria, currently in the Expanded Pictorial Space, class of Daniel Richter at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

„Somewhere between orient and occident my engagement with painting as an inventory of what is going on in and around me, as well as in what is out there in the world, bears a deeply personal signature. This handwriting is a searching one. It oscillates equally between sarcasm, insecurity and alienation towards the world in which we live, with the aim of exploring the human, the unifying in us.“ ~ Negra Bernhard

Negra Bernhard while working on "Kleine Nachtmusik", 2021. | Photo: Moritz Bernhard

Negra Bernhard while working on „Kleine Nachtmusik“, 2021. | Photo: Moritz Bernhard


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